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Black Life Beijing – Game Night (Group)

**This post is updated regularly with upcoming events**

Two years ago when I accepted my job offer in China, I remember Googling “black people in China”, “chinese black people”, “african americans china”, “africans in china”, and the search results were sadly sparse.

Since then, Tony Reyes, an American Fullbright scholar created the “Black Life China” wechat group as part of his study, which later birthed the “black life beijing” group, “black life shanghai”, “black life guangzhou”, and so forth. Since then, Black Life Beijing remains the most active group, and we’ve got an related “game night” group. Here’s a recap of some of our latest events! The last photo contains the QR code to scan in order to join the group Black Life Beijing.

Disclaimer: Real person identity is personally verified for membership, and then we’ll invite you into the game night group. No trolls/bots allowed. Non-blacks friends are welcome to join our events. 😛


Check the wechat group for updates! Add me, @shandianxia28, to be added into the group!

Update: Another bowling night at East Gate Plaza (北京市 东城区 东环广场 A座 (东直门)) – March 11th 2017


Paintball #KillThenChill Sunday, April 10th, 2016. 3-6pm. BBQ dinner 6-7pm.

  1. Cost: 128 RMB + (700 RMB transportation cost to be split between attendees)
  2. Location: Contact us personally. My WeChat: Shandianxia2



Bowling Night 宝林秋- East Gate Plaza, Tower A (Dongzhimen) 北京市 东城区 东环广场 A座 (东直门)- Saturday, March 5th 周六 5号3月

Tacos, drinks & funnel cakes to end the night!

Find me on wechat微信: shandianxia28