Hassle-free $$$ in & out of China

Everyone knows going inside a Chinese bank means a wait of 30 minutes to 4 hours for your turn at the counter on any given day. Although, we are able to wire money via online banking, we are required to physically come to a bank to convert CNY inside our accounts. In addition, there is a 500 USD daily conversion limit without tax certificates on hand.

That’s wayyy too much. So what to do?


(Source: kapronasia.com)

Simply put, all you need is to sign up for a Chinese PayPal (paypal.cn) and your home country’s PayPal. Link your Chinese bankcard to the PayPal.CN account, and then link your home bank account to the PayPal.COM account.


Note: All PayPal transactions are done in USD. If you have CNY in your account, a third-party service will automatically convert your money for a 1.2% fee. So it’s all still slightly cheaper than a wire transfer.


Here, I’ll take you through the steps of signing up, linking your card, and then sending your money (the easy way) to your home country’s PayPal account:

First: Signing Up

  • Go to Paypal.cn (will take you to China’s PayPal)
  • On the homepage, choose the blue ” 注册/register” button


  • Select Account Type


  • Register your information (on this page you can change to English language)


  • Follow normal registration steps


Second: Linking Chinese Bank Card (not bank account)

  • Go to Wallet, Choose “Link a card”


  • Enter information in English

enter infodone

  • Complete text message verification


Now your card is ready for use!


Last: Sending the Money

  • Go to “Send & Request”
  • Choose “Pay for goods or service”
  • Enter your USA (or home country’s) PayPal account’s email or mobile phone, Enter Amount

send money done

  • Review transaction & send – voila! And this is how you get your money out! You’re welcome.


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Extension – Wire Transfers TO China:

Now for those who actually want to wire USD into your account, this is when you’ll link your Chinese bank account (not bankcard).


Go to your wallet, “add bank account”, fill out following form:

wire infodone

Notes: SWIFT codes can easily be online by searching “bank name swift code city name” i.e., “ICBC SWIFT Beijing” –> Result: ICBKCNBJBJM







2 thoughts on “Hassle-free $$$ in & out of China”

  1. You are amazing! Banking in China is frusrtatong as hell, not secure, slow, expensive and ALWAYS a headache. Thank you, Gracias, shukran, xie xie! Can’t wait to try this 😉


    1. No problem! There used to be a much cheaper way called a “HuiPiao” where they would print a paper check that you could mobile deposit for FREE through your app, but that method has been discontinued since November 2015. Maybe they’ll bring it back someday!


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